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Award Ceremonies

 Scholarship Award Ceremony Academic Year 2016-2017 NEW

2015-dec-4 2015-dec-6 2015-dec-5

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Scholarship Award Ceremony Academic Year 2015-2016

2015-dec-1-200px  2015-dec-2-200px  2015-dec-3-200px

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CEE Foundation Scholarship Award Ceremony-second disbursement June 27, 2015 at ITC

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Award Ceremony on December 6, 2014

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Award Ceremonies Academic year 2013-2014

The CEE Foundation Scholarship award ceremony 2013-2014 (second disbursement) 110 underprivileged students was organized  at Institute of Technology of Cambodia - ITC  on June 28, 2014.

Enjoy with pictures and video on links below

Video: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6bPktsHElltOFBndlRyd3dKalU/edit?usp=drive_web



Award Ceremonies  Academic year 2012-2013
Award Ceremonies  Academic year 2012-2013

Award Ceremonies Academic year 2012-2013

Dear Friends and Supporters

With your continuing support, I would like to share with you the pictures/video of the second disbursement of CEE Foundation scholarship award to 14 students in Battembang and 107 students in Phnom Penh.

Enjoy !

Second disbursement of CEE Foundation scholarship award to 14 students in Battembang on June 22, 2013


Second disbursement of CEE Foundation scholarship to 107 students at ITC on June 30, 2013


Second disbursement of CEE Foundation scholarship to 107 students at ITC on June 30, 2013 broadcasted by Bayon TV  in Phnom Penh

អាហារូបករណ៍មូលនិធិខ្មែរសម្រាប់ការសិក្សាផ្តល់អាហារូបករណ៍ ដល់និស្សិតជាច្រើននាក់.

Award Ceremonies Academic year 2011-2012

Award Ceremony at ITC to 80 students on June 23, 2012

DSCN5108 DSCN5110 DSCN5129 DSCN5242

Click here for pictures.

Award Ceremony to 17 students in Ek Phnom, Battambang on June 18, 2012

DSC05152 DSC05195 DSC05209 DSC05216

Click here for pictures.


Award Ceremonies Academic year 2010-2011

Award Ceremony in Battambang to 25 students on January 8, 2011

on 7 Jan organized the place CEE Foundation held a ceremony to award 25 scholarship in Battambang on January 8, 2011 for the school year 2010-2011.  Student parents, local authority, and benefactors were present to congratulate the new recipients.
Click here for pictures


 Award Ceremonies Academic year 2008-2009

Award Ceremony in Phnom Penh (ITC) to 98 students on June 24, 2009

CIMG5936-small The second scholarship disbursements were held on June 24, 2009 at ITC, Phnom Penh, to award our students from various universities.  98 students  were present to receive the awards (other received their disbursements later).  CEE Foundation wishes to thank our students volunteers, who helped with the award ceremony, and Mr. Tan Chip, our representative, who administered the event. Click here for pictures.

Award Ceremony in Takeo to 18 students on March 13, 2009

CIMG2758 An award ceremony was held in Takeo on March 13th, 2009. Eighteen students were awarded scholarships to help alleviate any education costs. Student parents, local authority, teachers, and principal were also recognized in the award ceremony.

Award Ceremony in Battambang to 20 students on January 13, 2009

award ceremony in battambang The scholarship award ceremony in Battambang was held on January 13th, 2009, at University of Management and Economics - UME .The CEE Foundation provided 20 scholarships for their study at several Universities in Battambang province. Click here for pictures.

Award Ceremony at ITC to 90 students on December 25, 2008

award-ITC Dear All CEE Foundation Officers, Members and supporters,

Our award ceremony this morning went very well with all the work of our volunteers in Cambodia, and with the great
support of the ITC Staffs under the direction of Dr. Tithra. We are very grateful to the kind support of ITC. Thanks
both to Dr. Romny and Dr. Tithra and their staff. Read More...


Award Ceremonies Academic Year 2007-2008

2008 - First Award Ceremony pictures
2008 - Second Award Ceremony Pictures

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