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Computer Literacy

Partnership with Indradevi Specialist of Technology (IST)

Computer ISTOn September 3, 2012, an opening ceremony applauded the partnership of Indradevi Specialist of Technology (IST), a private education center based in Phnom Penh, with the CEE Foundation. The CEE Foundation provided ten desktop computers, ten LCD 18”-flat screen monitors, and a multi-purpose printer. IST agrees to provide training for ten to twenty scholarship recipients per year to learn basic computer skills and allow all students to use the computers – free of charge – for work related to CEE Foundation scholarships such as filling out the scholarship application form.
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CIMG9208Computer Laboratory at ITC

A better computer laboratory enables the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) in Phnom Penh to serve as a strong technical foundation that will help students learn and expand their horizon in computer literacy. The CEE Foundation ITC Computer Laboratory will play a major role in Cambodia’s development.

CEE Foundation contributions and hard work are for a brighter future for Cambodia. We offer hope and strength to the new generation of young Cambodians with the tools of the 21st Century. The computer laboratory is a sound foundation necessary for everlasting education, knowledge, and investment for our students.

On October 6, 2009, the CEE Foundation Computer Laboratory at Institute of Technology of Cambodia was opened to the students. CEE Foundation provided 31 Dell desktop computers with LCD flat screen monitors, 15 tables, 31 chairs, one server and one laser printer. This computer lab will help to build a bridge between young students, eager to learn new skills, and Cambodia’s Information technology of tomorrow.  Click her for the Opening Ceremony pictures…

Computer Laboratory in Rural Areas – Wat Po Meanchey School, Siem Reapcomputer laboratory at roral area


Computer literacy is second nature for students in many parts of the world. However, it is not so in Cambodia. Most Cambodian students in rural area have seen a computer. Students have very little knowledge of the outside world with computers. The Wat Po Bantaey Chey’s Computer Laboratory attempts to bring to the students in this rural area the outside world, to keep the students engaged in the endless imagination through the power of education.

Computer skills are essential tools for further education. Through the computer, we bring interactive educational games and English language lessons into the classroom. Therefore this computer laboratory in essence is an interactive library. Furthermore, the lab will be the first of its kind to be eco-friendly. It runs on solar panels and all the equipment have been thoroughly selected by our supporting team to have the least energy consumption. Click here for more photos...

Computer at Khmer student Center in Battembangcomputer at khmer student center in battembang


In partnership with Khmer Center for Development (KCD) in Ek Phnom, Battambang, CEE Foundation has provided 7 sets of computers and monitors, and 7 desks to the Center. Click here for pictures...

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