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Capacity Building: Teaching the Teachers

Lacking of qualified teachers is one of the major problems facing KCD. Low salary (US $15 to US $30 per month) causes qualified teachers to leave KCD as they can earn more elsewhere. To make current teaching staff happy and to encourage them to stay, KCD implement a Teacher Capacity Building Program, that is, teaching the teachers. Click here to view teacher's photo gallery.

Periodically, KCD hires professional from Teaching School in Battambang to come and train its teachers various teaching skills, at a cost of around US$250 per training session. Teachers must sign a contract promising to stay teaching at KCD for at least three years. CEE Foundation is a proud sponsor of this program as well.

KCD connects its program to foreigners who speak English and works in or is visiting Cambodia. They come to the center and interact with students and teachers and give them an opportunity to sharpen their English language skill.

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