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Chea Smarn Library


The current facility of the Chea Smarn library can be, at best, described as precarious:  a small classroom of less than 25 square meters is being used for book storage, student seating and library administration. 

Since the school location is about 30-40km from the main tourist area of Angkor Wat, the current thoughts among our donors is to equip the school with some basic media devices to encourage students to learn language skills (read/write/conversation).  These skills will be useful to them whether in their future pursuit of higher education, or for lack of opportunity, if they will have to leave the school system in order to help their parents make a living.  We do intend, however, to encourage students to stay in school to as far as they can. 

Due to limited resources, we will start with a small Khmer, English and French language lab, to make sure the initial phase will be successful first.  We target the youngest age bracket: 2nd - 4th grades.  The skills they acquire will also help improve their academic levels in other school subjects.  The provided materials are targeted to the students who genuinely want to learn, without any other incentives.  We like to instill in them a sense of self-motivation.  We like also to encourage an active participation of the parents in the education of their children.

Future phases may involve computers and science contents for upper levels students.

Our planned budget for year 2010 is to purchase the following items, unless other funding sources are found:



Est. total cost




CD/DVD players



Auto batteries as electricity source for the above equipment



CD/DVD and books in Khmer and English



Fund for charging batteries for 2010







To minimize the transportation costs, the materials will be purchased in Siemreap.

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