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Pilot Projects

Computer Laboratory in Rural Areas - Wat Po Meanchey School, Siem Reap 

Computer literacy is second nature for students in many parts of the world. However, it is not so in Cambodia. Most Cambodian students in rural areas have never seen a computer. Students have very little knowledge of the outside world without computers. The Wat Po Bantaey Chey’s Computer Laboratory attempts to bring to the students in this rural area the outside world, to keep the students engaged in the endless imagination through the power of education.

Computer skills are essential tools for further education. Through the computer, we bring interactive educational games and English language lessons into the classroom. Therefore this computer laboratory in essence is an interactive library. Furthermore, the lab will be the first of its kind to be eco-friendly. It runs on solar panels and all the equipments have been thoroughly selected by our supporting team to have the least energy consumption. This is our very first “Pilot Project”.

The completion date of this Computer Lab project is estimated to be December 2009. Please come back to visit us in the future.

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