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Projects In Progress

Computer Learning Center (Khmer Student Center)

A new initiative, Computer Learning Center, is being conceptualized by the CEE Foundation in collaboration with Khmers inside Cambodia.  The Center has the following goals:

  1. Facilitate access to workforce by providing students with opportunities to work part-time while pursuing higher education.
  2. Promote a spirit of personal responsibility and ownership.
  3. Develop a new approach of sharing and helping each other among all Cambodians.
  4. Expand networking of CEE Foundation scholarship recipients with other students by timely disseminating information about opportunities for higher education inside and outside Cambodia.
  5. Provide a sound quality of basic computer skills with a minimal cost.
  6. Promote a sustainable center with free access to e-book and e-school curriculum.
  7. Facilitate access to the internet.
  8. Increase chances of finding jobs through networking with the Smart Business group and the existing CEE Foundation‘s programs.

To reach these goals, we will adopt the following resolutions:

  • The Center will be run by a team of students consisting of past and present CEE Foundation scholarship recipients and other students.  The team—referred to as Computer Learning Center Administrating Team, CLCAT—will be guided by the CEE Foundation Board of Directors members, donors, and supporters inside Cambodia.
  • The CLCAT in Cambodia will submit progress reports, financial reports, and updates on equipments and educational materials.  All reports will be submitted to the CEE Foundation and copied to major donors in January and in July.  The reports will contain all supporting documents, including pictures, expense receipts, etc.
  • The curriculum of the Center will be designed to excel other centers in Cambodia.
  • The Center will be funded in a “50-50 sharing” concept which consists of:
    • 50% of fund raised from donors, supporters and students in Cambodia
    • 50% of fund raised from Cambodians oversea
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