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Equal access to textbooks and children’s books

Equal access to textbooks and children's books


Many parents in the countryside of Kg Thom Province only make less than $6 a day. However,  one textbook costs $2, which is very hard for the parent’s to support their children’s education. 

Create an opportunity for all Cambodian students to have equal access to
textbooks and children’s books


Attract, expose , and open the door for students to read, gain knowledge, and reach their potential by using the library.  
Your donation to purchase one book ($2) or more textbooks will directly impact the future of unfortunate students.
Your name or the name of your choosing will be added to the inside cover of your donated book.


Children’s books: A complete set of 300 books per school
   Textbooks from 1st grade to 12th grade
Donate to school library for students who do not have access to textbooks.


Target date 
First week of April 2017, just before the Cambodian New Year.


Target schools
5 schools in Kg Thom with more than 3,000 students
and 6 schools in Banteay MeanChey with more than 1,600 students


Please Help Support Poor Students in Cambodia
By Sending Your Tax-Deductible Donation (payable to CEE Foundation) to:
CEE Foundation
634 Oakwood Ct,Westbury,N.Y 11590



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