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How Can I Help?

Your gift is very much appreciated. The generosity of our donors is vital to the success of the CEE Foundation which provides assistance for Cambodian students who have achieved academic excellence but are financially handicapped.

Tell A Friend
The first way to help is to spread the word about the CEE Foundation to your friends and family. You can talk about us, send emails, print and distribute our flyers, or put a link to us from your personal website and/or blog page.

Join Us
You can become a member of our organization. Use your spare time to further our cause in helping poor Cambodian students to realize their educational goals. Click here for CEE Foundation Membership Application Form.

Make A Donation 
You can make a donation by clicking on the Donate Button at the right. You have several options for your contribution:

  • The General Scholarship Fund where you let the CEE Foundation select the recipients
  • The Special Scholarship Fund where you select the students to be awarded
  • The Education Development Fund where your award is for the development of educational institutions, including facilities, services, and programs (new school, library, dormitory, school supply, computer literacy program, vocational training, etc.) of your choice.


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Have you seen this?

Your pocket changes can go a long way...


Imagine that in Cambodia as little as $100 can pay for a decent room to house a student for one whole semester. And just a few more dollars can pay for his/her meal for the semester as well.

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